Thursday, August 25, 2011

Personal Note to all

I wanted to take a moment and put in my $.02 on the whole RAD weekend. I got to spend a lot of time with most of the people at the reunion, and the best way I can describe the whole event is that I truly believe we are lucky.

We are lucky to be part of a sport that most of us got introduced to in the 80's, a sport that helped me learn the value of hard work, helped me learn what exercise really is, helped me stay away from drugs. Helped me have friends for life.

We are lucky to have got to know people like Eddie, Martin, Woody, Mike D, Mat H, Brian B back in the day, we got to meet our heros.

We are lucky that 25 years later, our sport is still going strong, thanks to website like this, x-games, you tube, etc.

We are lucky that people like Jeremy Moser and his group care enough about the movie and the people to spend as much time and effort as they did to put this event together. In my professional career, I have put together some events of this size, and trust me it is not easy. I'm sure Jeremy and his group lost a lot of sleep, money, and time with his family to put this together.

We are lucky that we have people like "Wired" - Kelly.... who spent a lot of his own time and money to fly a couple of thousand miles to Calgary, to document the entire event. Trust me, Kelly missed out on some things because he was documenting the event.

But mostly we are lucky to have people like Eddie and Martin. I don't want to discount the other riders who were there (Kevin, Beatle, etc) but if you were not there, you wont understand how lucky we were to have Eddie and Martin at the event. I travel a lot in my job, and I don't remember meeting two people like Eddie and Martin. They must have signed thousands of autographs, took hundreds of pictures, and answered hundreds of questions, all with a huge smile on their face. During the bike rides in perticular, they were like kids out there, they were having so much fun, and really enjoyed being back in Calgary. Eddie and Martin must have slept all the way home, because I don't think they slept the entire weekend. It didn't matter if it was a 38 year old like my self or a 8 year old who was looking for their attention, Eddie and Martin made time for everyone.

In summary for me, the actual movie stuff was awesome. Mr. Allen and Mr. Needham were so cool to meet (I got to take a piss with Cru Jones!) but for me, it was about the two riders, after all RAD was loosely based on Eddies life. I grew up with so many pictures on my walls, school lockers and binders of these guys that all my friends and family knew who they were. In fact my 72 year old English mother who met Eddie in 1987 said "How was that Eddie fellow? he was so nice when we met him"

Eddie, Martin, thank you for all you time and effort, not only this past weekend, but over the past 25 years.

Glenn1011 - BMX Museum Member

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