Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carpool Connections

I have been getting alot of emails from people arriving by car. Here is a post to share info if you are looking for someone to share the trip and cost hopefully. Just add a comment with your info.


  1. I will be leaving from Prince George on either Thursday the 18th or Friday the 19. Might stay at Owl's on the 18th. Picking up 1979Diamondback at the Calgary airport at 3:30 on the 19th then driving to Cochrane. I will have my van and 3 bikes so i will have room if you need a ride.

  2. STREETBEATBEAST. We're in Toronto Ontario CANADA.We want to know who wants to share a 2 way ride/trip to the 25TH ANNIVERSARY RAD EVENT.We're down to earth,easy going and want to remember the trip and event as something very special.Sorry ya'll this is a drug free ride.Cig smoke is fine outside the vehicle and I'd image people will have a few beers around the event.The more people we can get together,the larger/cooler vehicle we can get.I have at least 5 old school bikes.We'll have plenty of room.Contact me at
    coprice-ss@hotmail.com Cheers ya'll

  3. Anyone going through Onatario CANADA,Toronto/Brampton area to get to RAD25? That has room for 2 people and 2 bikes or wants to share cost of trip please email me at
    coprice-ss@hotmail.com or call 1-416-906-5683 ask for STREETBEATBEAST
    We need people fast.God Bless ya'll.

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