Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Well, it is finally complete... Thirty minutes of highlights from one amazing weekend last year in Calgary & Cochrane Canada. It wasn't easy picking the "best of" from three days, ten events, and over 2000 people, but we think this is a good start. We hope that those unable to attend can share in the excitement, and the people that did can relive it. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Souciant Article - Eric Swedlund

Rad Reunion
by Eric Swedlund on Sep 27, 20118: 12 UTC

I pedaled leisurely rather than furiously, making no quick turns, hopping over no jutting tree roots, never trying to weave in and out of the other riders. But there I was, on the Helltrack qualifying course, riding BMX with the likes of Eddie Fiola, Martin Aparijo, Kevin Hull and Everett and Beatle Rosecrans. Twenty-five years after the movie that changed BMX forever, I was celebrating with some of the movie’s star stunt riders, who despite a lifetime of crashes, bruises and breaks are still nimble magicians on bicycles, none of them seeming to be anywhere near as old as their late 40s.
The northern August sun had me sweating plenty riding around Calgary’s Bowness Park, the location used for much of the filming of Rad, the 1986 Hal Needham picture that slowly and surely – in stark contrast to the breakneck pace of the bicycle racing it showcased – has become one of the most beloved cult films of all time. Taking in just $2 million at the box office and receiving what, in the film’s parlance, would be deemed uniformly “bogus” reviews, Rad nonetheless has passed the last quarter century steadily growing its small army of utterly devoted fans. I’m one of them, still trying to answer the what and the why of super-fandom. But you can’t explain magic – which Rad keeps dishing my way in spades – and because I couldn’t imagine not going, I flew to Calgary to join the celebration.
Rad 25 – a festival-cum-reunion organized by the Calgary Underground Film Festival, and City of Cochrane – brought together the movie’s director, producer, writer, stars, BMX stunt riders and fans to recapture the joy of its underdog story, the loose and kitschy cool of its 1980s dialogue and music and the awesomeness of its unprecedented BMX stunts. Rad unquestionably changed bicycle culture forever. But because it gave the emerging BMX subculture its high-gloss, Hollywood introduction to the rest of the world, more than most films, Rad also changed people’s lives forever.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

BMX Museum Thank You

Thank you Jeremy... and THANK YOU for your significant contributions that made the whole weekend the success that it was. On a personal note, the weekend was made up of memories that I will never forget. I am proud to be part of an era so well captured in the movie RAD, and of this online BMX community. I was fortunate to have my family with me for the Sunday ride, and the picture of Eddie and my son will ensure that this epic event lives on and on. I salute you and all the members of the BMXmuseum who attended and those who wish they could have. Stay Rad Jeremy!

BMX Museum Member

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Attendee

My family and I had the time of our life at the 25th Anniversary. I personally was able to fullfil a life dream of meeting and getting autographs from individuals that I have admired since childhood. The whole event is hard to put into words. I could fill this page with a whole lot of adjectives, but to put it simply, it was magical. The cast and crew were wonderful and gracious in answering and signing anything that a fan presented to them. I loved to here the stories about how certain shots were done in the movie. The aspect that brought the whole event together was that it felt as if you were attending a small family reunion. That’s the key ingredient that made it special. Eddie and Martin are class acts; they went above and beyond anything that I had ever expected. Your collection at the BMX Gallery: 4130 was sweet. I realized that we had a lot of the same items. I have never seen the Vans Rad stickers, before they looked cool. Thanks for all everyones hard work. Without it, none of this would have been possible.

Rob (family from Atlanta)

VANS Schwag

Friday, August 26, 2011

Nice to hear...

Watching Rad 25 years later in the theater with my brother and friends was even better than the first time in 1986. The energy from the crowd was intense and carried over into the next couple of days. We had a blast rolling around Cochrane with everyone. Thanks to Jeremy, Kurt, and Brenda for organizing an epic celebration.

Chad Johnston
S&M Pro Team Rider

AWESOME Sponsor of RAD25

Hi Jeremy,

Just wanted to give you the heads up on how great the event turned out, the team did an amazing job putting this together.

We are very proud to be part of RAD, 25 years ago until this day.

Thanks again,

Marketing Manager - VANS Canada

Post Bicycle Boogie

Friday Night Q&A 1

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cast, Crew, Organizers

VANS brought the big bus

Thank you.

Hello Kurt,

I wanted to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for all your effort, hard work and extraordinary organization skills that were put into this celebration! Your dedication, perseverance and hard work speaks highly of your character. I have no doubt you experienced a great weekend, and I am certain everyone involved was pleased with the result, if anything, you made a mark in history.

Well done Kurt! Kudos to you, your team, and the volunteers…for all your community spirit!

Manager of Recreation, Culture & the Arts - City of Cochrane